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class10sept2013 224This month the Class 10 students, aged 16+, sit their external Matriculation Examinations before leaving school. The results will be available in March when the students make final choices on further education or work opportunities.

The students are working very hard as they are all striving for good examination results.

Students enjoyed making musical instruments with music volunteer Will Embliss from KINSHIP, UK, this summer.

musicxylophone 224

Will made instruments out of spare construction wood and taught the students how to play them. On the day of the Plant Nursery Inauguration guests also enjoyed the xylophone. Will also made instruments from metal tubes and old oil drums.

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weekly report 120813 1

Work in the adventure playground with St Christopher School

This week we have had the benefit of several pupils from St Christopher school in Hertfordshire who helped in the playground for two days. St Christopher School children assisted Arlene, Tsetan and Paddy with the task of backfilling the irrigation trenches in this area. We were also able to start to paint the internal walls with whitewash.

weekly report 120813 2

Upper level of treehouse completed

weekly report 060813 1

Arlene Decker (landscape volunteer) inspecting an irrigation system manhole

Construction this week has simply involved 'mending' with a small amount of construction in the form of building the manholes for the valves for the irrigation system. I was very pleased about the manholes given the exposed nature of the valves to children and to the sand/soil gradually falling into the trenches and covering the mechanism.
We have not lost anymore plants this week. The trees and plants that have 'taken' continue to develop and flourish in the harsh climate and the housemothers are watering which is helping hugely. We are looking for local plants to cultivate on site.

weekly report 060813 2

Wild Aquilegia photographed at Chilling

weekly report 300713 1

Breaking through the tree pits for introduction of drip line in the classroom courtyards

This week has once again been primarily focussed on irrigation installation. The masons and labourers have worked hard at breaking through steps and tree pits and digging metres and metres of trenching through the many inaccessible areas (to the JCB) by hand. Some of the work has been gruelling during a very hot week! We are now backfilling the larger trenches with the JCB and also still hand trenching where necessary. The hand trenching has been a very slow process.

The vegetables are looking very good and are coming to fruition. The plants in the nursery in particular are beginning to really develop and the fruit trees are also dong incredibly well.
The end of the week saw the final judging of the garden competition. Infants, Juniors and Seniors were presented with their awards for the best gardens.

weekly report 300713 2

Nursery vegetables with irrigation laterals in place

weekly report 300713 3

Senior winning planting scheme