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weekly report 220713 1

Mainline laid along the Spine

This week has been totally irrigation focussed. For the most part things have gone incredibly smoothly. At times it has felt that the whole site has been involved in the installation of the irrigation system. Constant negotiation has been required in order to get the right masons and labourers in the right places at the right time. Tsetan and Dorje have managed to stay on top of basic tasks and watering in the plant nursery, while carrying out many different irrigation duties.

weekly report 220713 2

Sub-main connection

weekly report 160713 1

Irrigation trenching along the Spine

This week saw the continuation of trenching for the irrigation and the first pipes being laid.
We have been discussing looking further at the flora in the hills directly around the school and the possibility of removing some plants and seeing whether they will transplant successfully during these summer months.

weekly report 160713 2

The laying of the first mainline pipes for the irrigation system

weekly report 080713 1

Roof detail of roundhouse in the adventure playground

This week the handover began of the Resident Landscape Architect role from Simon Drury-Brown to Paddy Clarke, who will be on site until the end of September. The roundhouse structure is complete providing some much needed shade on site and wonderfully cooling airflow through the structure.
This week several irrigation engineers from Jains arrived on site. We walked the site and marked out the route of the mainline for trenching to begin. Trenching started immediately with Lundup on the JCB. We are all incredibly keen to see the laying of irrigation pipes start!

weekly report 080713 2

Initial trenching for irrigation in front of Naropa Photang

weekly report 020713 1

Adventure Playground 'Roundhouse' going up

We built the frame of the timber roundhouse in the adventure playground, which is looking beautiful.
After asking for the housemothers assistance this week they came to help us begin planting flower seedlings on the spine.

weekly report 020713 2

Planting on the residential spine

His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa was invited by His Eminence Thuksey Rinpoche, Chairperson of the Druk White Lotus School, to inaugurate the "Dragon Garden", and to watch a series of performances by the school children and a presentation by the landscape architects from UK.

Tour-PlantNurseryInauguration-224   Vegetables-PlantNurseryInauguration-224

Digging-PlantNurseryInauguration-224  Watering-PlantNurseryInauguration-224  Dancing-PlantNurseryInauguration-224  SpeechPaddy-PlantNurseryInauguration-224