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The poplar and willow replant has continued.

willow-for-spine-224      planting-poplar-people-224

The majority of the vegetable beds in front of the plant nursery have been dug over with manure and reshaped into bays in preparation of planting them up, below left.

I have planted some more flower seedlings and some of the previously planted seedlings are beginning to come through, which is jolly exciting. There’s sunflower,
English marigold and a few as yet un-identified species.

prep-nursery-224       seedlings-2-224  

   seedlings-224      res1-garden-224

Many of the residences are preparing their flower beds in advance of the garden
competition. It is great to see that many are looking really very neat.

This week has mostly been about planting poplar to replace the dead stock. We have re-planted in the plant nursery, at the top of the residential spine, at the visitor centre and the long strip adjacent to Rancho's cafe as planned.


I am working on a watering rota to discuss with Tsetan as there is now a fair amount to manage ahead of JAINS arrival to get the drip irrigation system tested and commissioned.
A few gaps in the plant nursery fence have been fixed to try to prevent dog incursion. If this works it will avoid needing a whole new fence. The knock-on effect is that the kitchen green waste isn’t getting eaten by the dogs but it is getting a bit smelly so we will need to think about that.

We have got some great shelves in the landscape office and the skeleton of a small table I pulled out of the scrap heap has had a new top put on to it. Everybody wants to use the Landscape Office now.


A long distance (eight kilometer) running competition was organized by the District Youth and Sports Services, Leh, for under seventeens, held in Leh on April 22nd, 2014. About five hundred youths participated in the competition. Ms Yondup Phurbu of class eight and Master Jigmet Norboo of class ten of Druk Padma Karpo School (Druk White Lotus School) came third and sixth respectively. Ms Yondup Phurbu completed the distance in twenty one minutes and eighteen seconds.

 IMG 20140423 064507-224wide

The District Police, Leh, organized a painting competition for students on April 21st, 2014, on the theme of "Election", held at the District Police Line, Choklamsar, Leh. In all twenty five students from different schools from Leh participated in the competition. Master Tondup Namgail of class nine and Master Stanzin Norboo of class ten from the Druk Padma Karpo School (Druk White Lotus School) came first and third in the competition.

The School Management Committee and the Principal of the school congratulated the winners in the painting and running competitions. They also appreciated the effort of Ms Mahau Mitra, the art teacher, and Mr Tsering Gyalpo, the physical education teacher, for the outstanding results in their students.


The Poplar cuttings arrived for planned planting next week. We have put them in the water storage basin ahead of planting. They were almost immediately a prop for lots of birds, which was lovely to see and hear.


Tsetan and I went to Nimo nursery on Wednesday to collect some more apricot trees, We managed to get 120 trees. This brings our fruit trees total to about 200.
Apricot trees

The plan was to take three days to plant these trees into the nursery and to mulch them and clear up. We got 100 in by the end of Friday, which is pretty good work, especially as it is hard work and although the soil in the nursery has been worked previously there are lots of rocks, some very big, to dig out, and there are other watering duties to do.


I arrived on Saturday morning to discover that the polythene cover to the large polytunnel had blown off in the high winds the previous night and knocked a bunch of pots off with it. It looked like quite a big job to fix but all of a sudden a load of children and their house-mother appeared and made very light work of it in about 5 minutes.


I arrived into Ley safely and with all my luggage and limbs intact. We were taken to the Botho Guesthouse in Shey and rested up on Friday.


Over the week I have met with most of the construction team and school staff and everybody has been really very friendly.

IMG 8423

Sadly there is a large loss of trees that were planted last season.

Tsetan showed me around the nursery which is clean and tidy and we had a good walk around site when he showed me areas that he thought needed attention – such as some willow to pollard and reposition and a few soil level changes and plant losses. He talked with me about the planting season for trees, flowers and food and we talked about the season ahead.

Other tasks completed this week include seed collection across site so now we have a healthy supply of ornamental seed.
We have cleared the front nursery beds in preparation (I hope) of planting more fruit tree stock.
Lots of spinach was harvested and sold to the kitchen.