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Julayne Farmer from the USA is working with students to help them express themselves through photo-images.  They have been working on a range of subjects including ‘Gandhi’, ‘The Best Bit of Me’ and ‘Peace, Hope, Love, Freedom, Happiness’.”

Sunday, 06 December 2009 11:59

Reaching out to nomads


The Changthang area lies high on the Tibetan plateau. The people tend yaks and goats – the goats that produce the wool that is ‘pashmina’. Life is harsh. It is hard for youngsters to obtain a good education. The nomadic way of life is under threat.

Mme Sarla and Wendy Cornwell visited the area in September and several more Changthang children will be coming to Druk Padma Karpo School in Shey, with the support of international sponsors.

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Saving more permanent teeth

The condition of students' teeth in Ladakh tends to be poor, due to a combination of diet (too many sweet things) and lack of dental hygiene. We are paying a lot of attention to preventive care in order to protect the students’ permanent teeth. Dentist Michel Guinet and his partner Corinne Barbier from Tahiti visited the school in April (their third visit) to offer fissure sealant treatment to the children. They treated around 140 permanent teeth on this occasion. They were joined this time by Jean-Philippe Bréard, a dentist from Grenoble, France.

Through the generosity of donors in France, Tahiti and UK, we were able to purchase a portable dental unit and related equipment, which they were able to use. You can see from the photos that we are still saving up to buy a dental chair! Michel, Corinne and JP demonstrated that toothbrushing and nose blowing can be fun! In addition, dentists from the dzi Foundation, USA, returned to Leh and kindly treated some of the children who they had checked last year.


Friday, 04 December 2009 16:36

Growing our own food


We built our first greenhouse in 2009 and students from BaSiC Initiative worked with local staff to prepare the ground, import top-soil and start composting.  In 2010, we aim to start growing some of our own food for students and staff.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009 00:00

Environment & Leadership Camp

The second ever camp officially ended on August 20th. The 12 days of fun, challenge and excitement left many of the 6th and 7th graders in anticipation of the next round. You can read all about it and see more images on facebook. We hope to start a true foundation for this outdoor leadership experience.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009 00:00

Climbing ever higher

Students from Perse School, Cambridge (UK), interacted with the Design Team to design a tower for a new adventure playground. The students travelled from Cambridge to Shey in summer 2009 and built the tower themselves, much to the delight of Druk Padma Karpo students.

The Perse students then went off to explore the big montains - and here is their story.




Monday, 03 August 2009 00:00

Win-win volunteering in Shey

Around 100 international volunteers contributed during 2009 on the Shey campus. Some helped inside the school with educational aspects, while others worked to develop a recently-launched ‘Living Traditions’ heritage project. International volunteers and Ladakhis benefit one another.

A group of students and staff from St Christopher School, Letchworth (UK) visited Shey in April - the third such visit from ‘St Chris’ under the leadership of Edwin Gruber. The group spent time at the school helping Ladakhi students with ‘learning through fun’ before heading off for a challenging trek very early in the season. Here you can view a movie made by the St Chris students.

Michelle Fan and Julayne Farmer from the USA are working on film & heritage aspects and a photo-literacy program respectively, while ‘gap year’ students Rocky Bamford and Josh Torrance from UK helped with English language skills. Read Julayne’s blog

Students from Alton College raised funds for Druk Padma Karpo School before their departure from UK. In mid-July they embarked upon a 4-week expedition to Ladakh, which included building an exercise trail on the school campus, followed by an arduous trek in the Markha Valley.

Nearly 30 architectural students from Portland State University, the University of Texas and elsewhere accompanied Professor Sergio Pelleroni on a month-long exploration of Ladakhi customs and culture, and architectural traditions and methods. They worked in four areas: (a) understanding nomad customs and erecting a rebo (traditional nomad tent dwelling), (b) developing innovative sun shading devices, (c) fitting out a large greenhouse where food can be grown (see image); and (d) helping with landscaping measures.

Read the Ladakh Summer 2009 Design/Build Studio blog here

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Walking on the World’s Rooftop

His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa together with about 500 nuns, monks and students walked for 6 weeks during May-July from Manali at the base of the Himalaya up to Hemis in Ladakh - a distance of some 400km including the ascent and descent of two 5,000m passes and trekking across other high altitude areas.

The ‘Pad Yatra’ pilgrimage raised funds for several humanitarian activities, including Druk White Lotus School.
Pad Yatra link.

His Holiness visited the school on 4th July, accompanied by His Excellency Khamtrul Rinpoche, VIPs from Asia and the United States, and a group of 30 media folks. The students performed traditional songs and dances for the visitors, and displayed their skills and achievements. Here you can see a short clip of the culture show the students gave..



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Interview with Palmo

Listen to an audio interview from Ladakh - with Bodhic teacher Palmo describing her experiences at the school.

Read a transcript of the interview below.

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The mains electricity supply continues to be sporadic and unreliable and so the school has had to rely on a diesel generator to meet essential needs. The situation was transformed in October 2008 when SunTechnics Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd installed and commissioned an advanced solar energy system. The new system complements the existing solar installations that pump groundwater for domestic and irrigation purposes. The Shey campus is now close to energy self-sufficiency. The school will need to install more photovoltaic panels, inverters and batteries year-by-year as the campus continues to expand. The new solar energy system was part financed by carbon-offset investment by Arup Associates.


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Our Year 2007-2008 Picture gallery

Highlights from the past school year.


Sunday, 18 January 2009 00:00

Senior Teacher comes to London

Karma Dhargyal is in charge of the Nursery & Infant section at Druk Padma Karpo School. He is the first staff member to come to UK for training and will be gaining professional experience in several schools and colleges over a three week period. Asked about his impresssions after the first few days, Karma said:

“It was really a very special feeling for me as soon as I was greeted and picked up at Heathrow Airport. The feeling was amazing and I was totally startled for having reached London for the very first time in my life. Anyway, it was all wonderful.

The people seem very much involved and busy, fixed-up in their own schedules. Oh! The double-decker bus, the tube and train rides were very enjoyable and I felt myself placed in a totally different world with a whole lot of nice experiences. In a nut-shell, my first few impressions were very good and overwhelming. Looking forward to experience much much more sweet experiences.”