Award Winning Buildings

Award Winning Buildings Photo: Christian Richters

Our award winning buildings embody the school’s ethos. 

Designed by international architects Arup Associates, the buildings combine the best of traditional Ladakhi architecture with 21st century engineering excellence and so act as a model for appropriate, cost effective and sustainable development.

Ladakh is an area of few resources and extreme temperatures. Here are the highlights of Arup's design solutions to an extremely challenging design brief.


Key features

  • Using locally available materials, which have the least impact on the environment
  • Exploiting natural ventilation and passive solar heating
  • Minimising energy use and emissions
  • Minimising water use
  • Refining and adapting traditional techniques to provide modern solutions


Progress to date

The school is being built in phases - the Nursery and Infant courtyard opened in September 2001, the Junior School in 2005 and work should be completed on the Secondary School by October 2014, funds permitting. View the Master Plan to get an overview of the project.


How to Help

Donations and investments can be made online or by downloading a print-and-mail form. You can find out more on our Donate page.

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