Environmental Protection


Additional mudslide/flood mitigation measures

The school survived another mudslide in August 2015. The students, staff and buildings were unharmed, protected by the north-east facing defence wall that was built during 2011/12 after the major 2010 cloudburst and mudslides. However, swathes of the campus suffered and so we plan to build additional mudslide defences on the north-west side. Without this, the effects of climate change will undoubtedly cause future damage to the school.

Additional protection will be in the form of a water retention pond and an earth berm in the north-west corner. The existing north-west wall will be strengthened, and if any water seeps through the retention pond will catch it. Controlled drainage from the pond will take the water to an old dry river bed.

The cost of the new mudslide/flood mitigation measures is estimated to be approximatelyI NR 1,840,000 (18 lakh), which depending on currency exchange rates is about USD29,700 or £21,200.


Repair and strengthening work

A recent structural survey discovered that the 2010 mudslide has led to hitherto hidden problems with timber columns supporting the school's structure. A four year programme of essential repair work to solve the rot, and at the same time, upgrade the structure against an increased earthquake risk in the region, and to improve life safety of the buildings for children and staff started in September 2016. Being a functioning school with over 780 students, open from March to early December (then closed for the harsh winter), the repair work will be phased over four years so that groups of students can be placed in temporary classroom and residential accommodation while the work is completed building by building.

Please join us to protect the school and fund the vital repairs.


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Health and Wellbeing


A key theme is to achieve sustainable standards of Health and Wellbeing for the students for the long-term. Construction projects include:

•    four residential shower blocks
•    dining hall dry latrines
•    additional residential dormitory capacity
•    health centre
•    secondary school dry latrines

The high-altitude desert location creates a very dry and dusty 11.5 hectare campus and many of the school’s open spaces still bear the scars of the colossal mudslide that hit the campus in August 2010. We resolved to transform this scene of devastation into a lush and stimulating learning environment for students and staff. Creating a network of slate-paved pathways connecting the school courtyards is a crucial step.

Please join us in improving the health and wellbeing facilities.


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Landscape and Gardens


The ‘Dragon Garden’ Landscape and Gardens programme has a wide range of basic and ambitious projects including:


  • Drip Irrigation phase 2
  • Network of slate-paving pathways
  • Fruit orchard
  • Garden team
  • Adventure playground
  • Shade Court
  • Residential courtyard gardens
  • Dragon shelterbelt
  • Sports facilities
  • Themed gardens
  • Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)
  • Dragon entrance and gates
  • Indus Valley look-out platform
  • Visitor centre garden and terrace
  • Lotus pond
  • and possibly a school farm


The funding needs range from:

  Indian Rupees INR US Dollar USD UK Pound Sterling GBP
Tree sapling / seeds 96 1.50 1
A stonemason for a month 14,500 225 150
Drip irrigation equipment 3,59,575 5,580 3,720
Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) 4,83,300 7,500 5,000

 Please join us to realise the Dragon Garden and inspire the next generation.


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