Druk Padma Karpo has links with educational establishments outside Ladakh, especially in the UK, France and USA. Ladakhis and the international partners benefit immensely from this cooperation.

For example, students and staff from St Christopher School, Letchworth, UK, have visited Druk Padma Karpo School several times and Alton College, UK, twice to contribute their time and energy to learning through fun, and help materially by financing items of school equipment. Architectural students from universities in the United States came to Shey for one month during summer 2009 and summer 2010 as part of the BaSiC Initiative Program, led by Professor Sergio Pelleroni. They helped in various ways, ranging from erecting a traditional nomadic dwelling (a ‘rebo’), making prototype shading devices and constructing a new Visitor Centre.

They also made a slideshow presentation of their visit - download the pdf here.