When you travel by plane or by ground transportation powered by diesel or gasoline, you cause carbon dioxide (CO2) to be emitted into the atmosphere and you contribute to climate change. You can ‘offset’ this impact by investing an amount corresponding to the value of the carbon involved into a scheme elsewhere that reduces CO2 emissions. You can do this by investing in the independently-accredited Druk Padma Karpo solar energy scheme.

The mains electricity supply in Ladakh was highly unreliable and therefore the school was previously forced to use a diesel generator to produce power to run lights, computers and the office equipment. However, the generator was polluting a fragile environment and we therefore determined to become energy self-sufficient through the use of solar energy.  Stage 1 was achieved in 2008 with the installation of photovoltaic panels and inverters. Spare panels and inverters have been purchased and in late 2012 an additional installation of panels and inverters was completed to increase capacity to meet the demands of the expanding school.

The solar scheme was independently audited and approved by TICOS, the Tourism Industry Carbon Offsetting Service, now called Beyond Carbon, and travellers may offset their carbon travel footprint by making a payment towards the school's solar energy system. You may like to use carbon offset costs prepared by ClimateCare www.climatecare.org and use their carbon offset calculator and then pay your carbon offset directly to the school via this website.

Such funds are restricted to financing solar energy equipment on the Shey campus, and to continue to keep the diesel generator switched off (other than in emergencies).