Druk Padma Karpo runs an active cooperation programme in order to mobilise the best people and resources from within Ladakh, the rest of India and internationally.  We work with educational institutions (notably from India, the UK and the USA), corporate partners, NGO's, individual experts and volunteers.  Participants from many countries bring their knowledge, experience and material resources that add value to the life of the school and the students.



The following organisations have contributed to the success of our school:

  • Aditya Birla International School, Bangalore
  • Anant National University - Dr Pramath Sinha, Provost
  • Arup
  • Aseem Foundation, Pune
  • Autodesk
  • BaSiC Initiative, USA
  • Childreach International
  • Goldenmile Learning, Mumbai
  • IAHV Read Library
  • JetAirways
  • kontentreal
  • La Ngonpo Project
  • Lille Fro Foundation
  • Live to Love, International
  • Mayacamas Landscape Architecture, CA, USA
  • Mind Mingle, Delhi
  • Mountain Kingdoms
  • Nature Conservation Foundation, Bangalore
  • NEEV Academy, Bangalore
  • New Lives, India
  • Nirmal Bhartia School, Delhi
  • Ogilvy & Mather, Los Angeles
  • Peaks Foundation, UK
  • Podar World School, Gurjarat
  • Snow Leopard Conservancy, India
  • SP Jain Institute of Management & Research Mumbai
  • St. Christopher School, Letchworth, UK
  • University of Cambridge Primary School, UK
  • University of Greenwich, UK
  • Vinod Chopra Films


Partner - Drukpa Trust team in England

Drukpa Trust is a registered charity in England, number 1178756, and has been involved since the inception of the school project in the 1990's.

The Trust has four trustees and one part-time employee:

Chair - Jonathan Rose        Jonathan Rose photo October 2012 small

Deputy Chair - Annie Smith   Annie Smith P1020976 crop

Treasurer - Di Cook             Di Cook photo 2019

Trustee - Wendy Cornwell   Wendy Cornwell photo small

Part-time employee (project manager) Rachel Glynn photo

and Trust Secretary - Rachel Glynn 


You can contact Drukpa Trust via the project manager by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Druk Padma Karpo School would like to thank the following for allowing us to reproduce their work on this site:

  • Arup
  • Graham Brandon
  • Jennifer Chandler
  • Philip Cornwell
  • Wendy Cornwell 
  • Julayne Farmer
  • Rachel Glynn
  • Chinch Gryniewicz
  • Ian Hazard
  • BaSiC Initiative
  • Sebastian Kaminski
  • Michael Kern
  • Connor McGrath
  • Dick Polak
  • Rupam Ray
  • Roland Reinardy
  • Christian Richters
  • Sudhir Sinde
  • Annie Smith
  • Robert van Sluis
  • Emilie van Wijnbergen
  • Katerina Zographou

If you would like to reproduce any material found on this site, please contact us so that we can help you organise the appropriate permissions or licences.


Responsible Tourism in Ladakh

Mountain Kingdoms (UK) has an ethical tourism policy and its clients offset their carbon travel footprint by investing in the Druk Padma Karpo solar energy system.