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We need funds for:


The Senior Secondary School comprises 9 classrooms and facilities for up to 240 (16-18-year-old) students. This new school complex will accommodate courses in commerce, humanities and non-medical & medical science therefore enabling our students to stay at DPKS for the higher-level exams and not have to leave their much-loved school to study elsewhere. As there is a shortage of schools in Ladakh offering Senior Secondary courses DPKS will also open its doors to new students wishing to study these subjects.

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Health Centre - when the COVID 19 pandemic swept across India it brought attention to the need for the school to have a safe, comfortable and efficient medical facility which could accommodate daily health demands and visiting doctors or dentists and also provide an isolation unit for our residential students in the event of a local epidemic or a future pandemic. 


Block of 4 new classrooms comprising 2 new secondary school classrooms and 2 IT labs The existing classroom block for IT and Yr.10 classes is being upgraded to accommodate a library large enough to meet the whole schools needs as well as an upper school admin offices with offices for the Vice-principle and CBSE examination team. To replace these classrooms a new block of 4 classrooms will now be built in the remaining vacant plot.


Seismic Upgrade and Mudslide Repair Programme

Ladakh lies in a high-risk seismic area and it is essential that we protect the children here at school.

DPKS construction programme is now in receipt of a generous corporate grant to assist with the mudslide repair and seismic upgrade of the buildings damaged in 2010. We are now raising the remaining funds to bring this programme to completion and ensure the safety of our children for many years to come.


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