The 3 Idiots

 3 idiots wall with Michael and Annie


The 3 Idiots movie has become Bollywood's biggest box-office success ever, both in India and globally, and the Druk Pema Karpo School was used as a location for some of the filming

The above photo shows the 'Idiotic Wall' which was featured in the movie and now attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to have their photos taken in front of the iconic wall. They also visit the school's visitor centre and Rancho's cafe, named after the hero of the movie, played by Bollywood legend Aamir Khan

A film crew of about 130 people descended on the school in September 2008 for the 3-day shoot. They auditioned the students and selected a couple of boys for small parts, and a larger group to take part in the movie crowd scene when the stars arrive at the school in their red Volvo. Observing the hard work and professionalism of the stars and crew was an education for the school staff and students alike.

During the film crew's visit, Aamir Khan wrote in the School Visitor Book:  "What a wonderful school. The kids seem very happy, and such a great location. Keep up the good work."  Regards, Aamir 15/09/08

The crew then departed for Pangong Lake with a few of the students to shoot the final scenes

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