Tsering Dolma of class S-9 writes a poetic account of her winter holdiay.


Ladakh is the land which is covered all around with the crowns of white sparkling glaciers and snow capped mountain where icy cold water from sparkling white glaciers take birth and flow singing and dancing. Most of the places are covered by snow in winter and make Ladakh a snow land. When the sun rises, all the places shine and show us a beautiful view and it seems that they are wishing us good morning with warmth and great pleasure. When it’s time to wake up a beautiful view takes our attention and that is the trees on which snow have been fall softly and the snow which is landed on the tree remains there for long time and when it melts with sun heat, its make us feel warm. The chirping of birds also take our view on them when the walk on the ground with noisy sounds remaining their footprints on snow landed ground and again flying above the snow landed land. After these beautiful nature wonders when I woke up and step my foot towards outside the cold weather touches my skin and makes me feel cold. The boots which I left outside was filled with snow and again mothers shout.

Although the breakfast time is the sweetest among all, a big bowl full of hot streaming, delicious smell of thukpa with many delicious varieties in a cold shrinking winter. Sitting near bukhari with the family members and having it. The more I ate the more I become hungry for it. After these things another honey movement comes and that is getting ready for tuition. When I get ready for tuition my friend would come to take me and together we go for tuition. At there all the students gather and throw snow on each other in cold weather. The girls make their own group and boys their own and enjoy throwing snow on each other wearing woolen clothes. At there no one spoils our mood until teacher comes. When teacher comes everyone becomes lazy and lazily we all go into our class and waits teacher to finish the lesson . After teacher finish lesson everyone comes running out from class as if we were kept there for many centuries. We shouts, sing, dance and play lots of games and sports. In winter the most exciting games for us is ice skating. While we are skating sometimes our leg would fall inside hole in ice where in return your boots would wet and makes us cry because of the cold pain we suffer.


The winter going outside with friends is also very pleasure. We would plan to go for shopping and we would roam all around the street and we would walk giggling and laughing holding our hands tightly so that we would feel comfortable and secure from cold weather. When we walk along the street sometimes we slip and the others laugh as a donkey and parrots. Although it is very funny to do these things in winter. The winter days goes very quickly and remind us school. When our precious winter movements comes to end we feel very bore because it’s time to go for school and our funny days ends there. We have to complete our works and we have to give all our precious times in books. No exciting movement knocks our door and our happy days. We spend our summer in memory of winter days and waits winter to comes and pray for remain it for longer time with another spicy and funny days.