I arrived into Leh safely and with all my luggage and limbs intact. We were taken to the Botho Guesthouse in Shey and rested up on Friday.


Over the week I have met with most of the construction team and school staff and everybody has been really very friendly.

IMG 8423

Sadly there is a large loss of trees that were planted last season.

Tsetan showed me around the nursery which is clean and tidy and we had a good walk around site when he showed me areas that he thought needed attention – such as some willow to pollard and reposition and a few soil level changes and plant losses. He talked with me about the planting season for trees, flowers and food and we talked about the season ahead.

Other tasks completed this week include seed collection across site so now we have a healthy supply of ornamental seed.

We have cleared the front nursery beds in preparation (I hope) of planting more fruit tree stock. Lots of spinach was harvested and sold to the kitchen.