The team and students of Druk Padma Karpo are thrilled and encouraged to be a part of the initiative supported by department of School Education & Literacy Ministry of Human Resource Development , Govt; of India, New Delhi ‘s propelled initiatives by the “MIND MINGLE” team .This programme at the national level facilitates and creates opportunities for school leaders across the country to learn the best practices from most creative & top schools in India and abroad through practical school visits and group discussions. The design of the programme is such that the leaders of the school interact with students and faculty, sessions with Founder/director of the schools to understand the best educational practices being followed there. A community of such 39 school leaders are now opportune to visit one such school in the Himalayan region” The Druk Padma Karpo School, Shey, Leh - Ladakh.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Each one…..This is a very strengthening block for our student’s & school’s futurology……Lets keep creating and committing ourselves to our students!