HKDFA_04_700x466The excellence of Arup Associates’ design work on Druk White Lotus School was recognised on 4th December 2009 in Hong Kong through the presentation of a ‘Design for Asia Grand Award’. The award was accepted by His Eminence Khamtrul Rinpoche on behalf of the School and by Francesca Galeazzi on behalf of Arup Associates.

His Eminence said:

“It is both awe-inspiring and humbling to be here in Hong Kong tonight to accept so prestigious a design award on behalf of the Druk While Lotus School, and the people of Ladakh. It is really hard to believe that our tiny, remote and isolated Himalayan region has succeeded in winning such international recognition. We have so much to thank for the inspiration and creativity of the multi-national group of designers from Arup Associates, who contributed so much to create Druk White Lotus School. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

 People in Ladakh face severe challenges, in particular from the global warming that is melting the Himalayan glaciers at an alarming rate. But we are not alone in being challenged. This warming process is threatening the water supply of millions of people in China, India and other countries in the Himalayan region. Druk White Lotus has been designed and built with sustainability very clearly in our minds, and it aims to nurture young people that are prepared to tackle the significant challenges ahead.

Here in Hong Kong, our Live to Love Charitable Foundation has been created to address some of these key environmental issues. We hope you are able to contribute to, and enhance, our modest efforts by offering your professional skills, by applying your energy and enthusiasm, and by designing smart solutions for the benefit of all beings. We can achieve big things even with small contributions if enough of us work effectively together.”