As Druk Padma Karpo School commences its new session after the long winter break of nearly two and a quarter months, it gears up for yet another engaging rigorous and a successful all rounder year ,the pillar strength and the ever progressive teachers of the school added yet another feather to their cap with their third consecutive year of Annual Training and Exposure tour to different provinces of the country. Three different teams of teachers were facilitated Training's Capsules and Exposure at two very esteemed institutions. The first team of teachers were very fortunate and privileged to have visited the famous Podar World School ,Sama Vadodara and having undergone different facet professional honing and empowering skills under the dynamic leadership of the highly credential holder and several times honoured Mrs. Rekha Shah. We are very grateful and indebted to Mrs. Shah and her ever supporting team of teachers for their efforts, kindness and support to our visiting faculty.