The DPKS school has already taken its “ EXTRA-mile” two years before, when the campus consciously decided to take the big leap of effortfully making the school a Plastic and JUNK free zone . Thus the Dragonites did their big share of contributing in the times which stares grim on our faces with the frantically and alarming accelerating Environmental degrading issues. The campus of 1000 people consciously and unanimously choose not to have Canteens on campus, encourage 100% the Tiffin culture and admonishes the cruel and insolent littering habits, thus at DPKS it has become a norm to be Eco lovers as wished and propagated by our founding father and supported by Construction Designer at , London, whose entire idea is an ECO friendly world model school. Since, 5th June calls as a global day to dedicate our selves to the cleaning day drive (though a single day will not reap results). The senior students of the school went out on a community cleaning drive into our Shey village and were not very happy to have come across such ALARMING heaps of garbage dumped by the people so CALLOUSLY everywhere! The water SOURCE too were not spared. This drive was in ALLIANCE with the WATERKEEPER project in the HIMALAYAS, which has now been structured into our school ALMANAC under the guidance of Ms. Deachen (the water keeper officer). Thus the crusade against the pollution of environment takes its right place in the regular academics.

 Cleaning Day2