Indian model of United nations is a paramount catch word with the student's community across the country and needs no introduction as such.The role of this world class organisation is to simulate the participation of young Indians which is the students , to play active role in bringing about analytical debates, discussions and table solutions for all critical global disputes, whether peace keeping,disarmament or resolving any international issues faced by countries of the world . This is the biggest student leadership organisation of the world that takes confidence and participation to another level on global discussions.The 3rd batch of 13 delegates led by the principal of DPKS flew down to the coastal Mumbai city to be the members of different committees assigned for the Model untited nation's championship conference .This August event was declared open by non other than the Chief guest of the conference, the former Prez of the country his excellency Shri Pranab Mukherjee. DPKS felt proud to be invited to present a beguiling and captivating cultural performance....all the way up from the Pristine Himalayan kingdom 'Ladakh ' as a part of its illustrious opening ceremony. It was a star lit evening with luminaries and dignitaries addressing more than 2000 aspiring students of our the country and international. The apologue of the 1st day : "Huge' much ' is imbibed and ensued....Outside the walls of classrooms and Schools " !