There is no greater joy and elation than to see the YOUNG LEARNERS taking cognizance of the present issues and concerns regarding them, their peer circle and wider into the society. The grade teachers of 6-A and 7-B, Sir Nasser and Mam Kesang, collaborated their morning presentation theme and bifurcated under the banner "Cyber- Addiction and its hazards". The presentations were meticulously studied, surveyed and laid out very brilliantly and elaborately for the young masses of the school. The students of these two classes showcased short plays, skits, role plays, message RAP Songs and even went up to build about exquisite traditional toys, used back then when man followed the practice of "Necessity is the mother of invention" and finding strong ground for brain and skill. They FEARLESSLY talked about the possible addiction and fatal results of Cyber games like TIC TOK & PUB-G, which are taking a worrisome toll on our young adolescents and how it is becoming a social menace !!