This week in the nursery we have been continuing with the ever expanding watering regime. Tsetan and I have continued with our quest for more vegetables to plant.

The landscape team has been building wigwams from old willow stems for planting up beans as well as planting still more veg into the bays.

Rigzin and I finally spent a day together to get the willow arch into the ground in the Playground with the help of the house mothers and some drop in assist from some of the labourers. It's not the prettiest arch in the world but it is currently alive and well. It's a little late in the season but the willow had been stored in water and had roots sprouting from the stems so I am hopeful that it will take with appropriate irrigation.



We have artichokes forming from last year which is rather exciting. It's a new vegetable for the people here so I might suggest a cook up one lunchtime.


The infants made an impromptu visit to the nursery on Tuesday morning and I showed them around, which was fun.

Infants  Infants 2