Life changing Mantra! BUY the rumours SELL that facts!!

 Rumours 1

It’s a massive happiness to witness the young students of 4th B pick up such time needed, valuable Universal message and gospel to really and truly BUY the rumours and SELL the facts! The students consciously understanding this responsibility and the essence of their finely chosen topic expressed their fear and concern about how casual gossip mongering can be poisonous and obnoxious in every sphere of human existence. The students with the complete guidance of their class teacher most skillfully and appealingly transmitted their message of the brutality of rumours and how it is most apt and virtuous to not just abstain from rumours but from the sources of rumour mongering. They intensely propagated positive thought and positive speech….resulting in positive action!! Well done and cheers to the teachers and students of std 4th B ….. You were inspirational!

Rumours 2