The school bid farewell to Principal Stanzin Kunzang, with gifts and speeches after her five-year tenure at DPKS.

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Note of gratitude and adieu from The Principal's Desk:

These 5 years and 4 months of my association with DPKS have been the most fascinating period of my life time so far, I am overwhelmed and intensively emotive in my blood and veins. It has truly been days and years of Superlative team work and Inspiration. I could not have been luckier to have been loved and accepted as a young Principal {Five years back} just as a raw novice. Things at DPKS were extra ordinarily remarkable rewarding and hugely challenging at the same time, but the brightness in the eyes and the warmth in the voices of my loving students kept me going undeterred at all times. I am completely convinced as to why teachers are held at high pedestal of respect and love as timelessly ” Guru” " Teacher “ " the transformer" " the molder" " the shaper" and to larger extent producer of human of fine kinds. We the teachers are offered supreme Salutations and reverence….. it is but obvious because from times continued we have been considered the light which guides and brightens the life of our pupils. I have to state that my story of learning, unlearning and teaching will be a moment in time that I will shelf in the core of my heart and cherish it life time .Nothing so far has equaled the excitement, reward and exhilaration as at DPKS. Today I take this final opportunity to thank endless number of people for your love, support and unwavering faith in me. Each one in my story at DPKS has inspired my team and me to courageously and confidently set milestones and bench mark in the field of teaching and learning and with a clear vision in our eyes, equaling the passion in our hearts pushed beyond limits to better education in all possible realms. I am supremely thankful to all the Sponsors in individual and Collaborative capacity. Thank you all for your pure “unconditional” love and support in shaping and nurturing a precious human life through education. Thank you each who have been minor or majorly associated with Druk Padma and have rendered kind words or hand. Thank you dear parents of my students for your pillar support and belief in me and for going that extra mile……I am supremely humbled and intensely encouraged till eternity. An enormous Thank you to H. Holiness , Gyalwang Drukpa for envisaging this Gem in the desert called “Padma Karpo”. I have been exclusively fortunate to have had his support, blessings and love. Finally Thank you all my wonderful students, you keep the fire on in me !!! Whatever little I am today is entirely because of you all. To all my wonderful students in every corner….within or out of DPKS……I love you all and wish the best for each one of you. I am honored to have many of you visit me and encouraged my little work for life time. Remember, never stop learning as learning never stops.
A warm Julley !