Some clearing of the mud from the newly laid paving took place while construction continued along the pedestrian axis.

At last the main thoroughfare was finished and visitors were able to enjoy a more comfortable path to walk on.


When the paths along the main pedestrian axis were finished work moved to the classroom area, where slate was used to pave the main routes taken by teachers and students. 


Before Konrad left Ladakh he and Tsetan went for a walk around the school to see how many different species of drought tolerant plants they could find. Konrad said “I think we were successful to locate at least five different ones. Some of the plants from the list grow at high altitude or close to water bodies. Our focus was on plants growing on rocks or in the sand that have colour and ornamental value. What we need to do now is to identify them." One you see on a picture below is: Ephedra intermedia. 


"We found good source of yellow clump forming plants on a hill outside the school. It’s possible for the plant to be Artemisia santolinifolia."