This year the apple and apricot trees bore an abundance of fruit which stayed on the trees to ripen. How much was due to the fact that there were no children about to help themselves we shall never know. The Dragon Garden did not fare so well in other respects. Some watering was done and seeds were collected for next year's planting but because of restrictions due to Covid-19 other aspects of the garden suffered. Jennifer Chandler, volunteer landscape architect from USA, was ready to spend some time at the school in June to follow up on her planting strategy but due to travel restrictions she had to cancel her plans. 

Future plans of creating a circle of poplar trees around the classroom mandala had to be put on hold. Angdus will set out the poplar circle and prepare it for autumn planting when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

2019 Poplar Mandala circle 3 2020 Poplar circle maintenance Copy