On 10th May 2019 Jennifer Chandler returned to the school, again as a volunteer, to continue her work. She was delighted to find some of the cuttings in the nursery had survived the harsh winter and seeds had been collected and stored ready for sowing this year.

2019 seedlings

While watching Jennifer at work some of the children became very interested and wanted to help. With her encouragement they planted cuttings and seeds in some of the many planters on the school campus.

2019 baby holyhock 3 2019 Hollyhock Square 3 2019 Hollyhock Square 2

During her stay, Jennifer,  continued her search in the surrounding area for idigenous  plants from which she could take cuttings. Flowers like the Himalayan Geranium, the pretty little Dasiphora Dryadanthoides, a member of the rose family, and of course the Ladakhi Rose, Rosa Webbiana.

 2019 Geranium Himalayense 2 2019 Dasisphora dryadanthoides 2019 Rose 2019 Jennifer collecting plants 2

 The goals over the next year are to maintain existing plantings and water system, create more plant materials for planting out next spring and continue to maintain the plant nursery. To help achieve these goals Jennifer left a detailed work project calendar for Tsetan and the new nursery manager, Angmo, to follow over the summer, autumn and winter.

Jennifer has expressed a wish to return to the school in 2020 to continue her work on a voluntary basis. She has been an inspiration to the staff and students and has helped to establish a green campus for the long-term in a high altitude desert landscape.