3-Idiots-film-London-Charity-ScreeningTwo very successful screenings of the '3 Idiots' box-office hit took place in the UK in March 2010 to raise funds for the school.
The secret story behind the smash hit film is that Druk White Lotus School is trying to be just the kind of school that encourages creativity, enthusiasm and intelligence that the film promotes.

The Letchworth screening was arranged in conjunction with St Christopher School Letchworth, a partner school of Druk White Lotus. Here, and at the central London screening, members of the audience were delighted when they saw the Druk White Lotus School on screen, where it had been used for some of the filming!

Filming of the '3 Idiots' at Druk White Lotus School was very exciting for the students and staff - read more

With grateful thanks to Vidhu Vinod Chopra Productions, Reliance BIG Pictures, Cineworld, Broadway Cinema Letchworth and Aamir Khan.