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Losar - Ladakhi New Year


Dawa Dolma, a student of M-8, describes Losar which was celebrated in December.

"Losar is the one of the important festival of Ladakh. It is a New Year eve for us. On Losar we forget about the past and look forward for a bright and prosperous new year.  Day before the Losar we remember our close ones who passed away. We go to cremation ground with a monk and do a prayer there.

On the day of Losar we visit our relatives and friends and they serve food, sweets and CHANG (local beer) to the guests. On Losar we all wear new clothes and wish each other. These days, affluent families distribute gifts to poor and needy. Children always look forward for Losar because it is a day of festival, feast, gifts as well as lots of fun and playing.


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Books, books and more books

Most of the books on the campus were destroyed in the August mudslide.  Members of the Arup Design Team visited Shey in September 2010 and brought 80kg of reading books collected by Darrick Wood School, London, and Pilgrim School in Bedfordshire, UK.  The Druk Padma Karpo children were very excited to see so many books and were soon engrossed.

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School's founder honoured by United Nations


School's founder honoured by the United Nations in New York

On 19th September 2010, His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa, founder of Druk White Lotus School, received the United Nations' Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Award in recognition of His humanitarian activities.


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New branch school in Khachey


Druk White Lotus School, Khachey, opened its doors on 10th April 2010 with Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten classes.  The school is located in the Kargil District of Ladakh, about 7 hours' drive from the mother school in Shey.

The school has around twenty students, two teachers (Ms Tsewang Dolkar and Ms Tsering Chozom) and a support staff member. One teacher is a graduate with a strong background in English language and sports, and the other is an undergraduate with a strong Bothi language background.  One reason for starting the Khachey School was to provide education in English and Bothi languages in an area that predominately focuses on Urdu.  Staff underwent training at the mother school in Shey before the school opening.  The school was initiated by and is owned by the local community. 

The inauguration ceremony was well attended by villagers and the school has their wholehearted support.  They are paying for one teacher and need your support to pay for the other @ Rs12,000 / US$260 / €215 / £180 per month. Villagers are paying half the cost of the Montessori equipment and need your help to pay the other half: Rs42,225 / US$900 / €750 / £620.

Thank you for joining our community.

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Rancho's School


'The Three Idiots' movie has become Bollywood's biggest box-office success ever, in India and globally. 

The hero, Rancho, disappears to Ladakh, dreams up inventions and creates a 'special school' - you see it towards the end of the movie.  Guess where those scenes were shot: at Druk Padma Karpo School of course.

During the film crew's visit, Aamir Khan wrote in the School Visitor Book:  "What a wonderful school. The kids seem very happy, and such a great location. Keep up the good work."  Regards, Aamir 15/09/08

A film crew of about 130 people descended on the school in September 2008 for a 3-day shoot. They auditioned our students, selected a couple of boys for small parts and a large group to take part in the movie crowd scene when the stars arrive at the school in their red Volvo. Observing the hard work and professionalism of the stars and crew was an education for the school staff and students alike.

The crew then departed for Pangong Lake with a few of the students to shoot the final scenes. You can peek behind the camera in this video clip to see what it was like to shoot a movie in Ladakh (watch out for our kids in the opening sequences).

If you haven't seen the movie yet - go see it.  ENJOY.  You might like to take a look at the movie's website (click thumbnail image to visit the site):



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November, 2009

New Faces in the DPKS Family

Several new staff members joined the team at the beginning of November 2009:

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Julayne Farmer from the USA is working with students to help them express themselves through photo-images.  They have been working on a range of subjects including ‘Gandhi’, ‘The Best Bit of Me’ and ‘Peace, Hope, Love, Freedom, Happiness’.”

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Reaching out to nomads


The Changthang area lies high on the Tibetan plateau. The people tend yaks and goats – the goats that produce the wool that is ‘pashmina’. Life is harsh. It is hard for youngsters to obtain a good education. The nomadic way of life is under threat.

Mme Sarla and Wendy Cornwell visited the area in September and several more Changthang children will be coming to Druk Padma Karpo School in Shey, with the support of international sponsors.

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Saving more permanent teeth

The condition of students' teeth in Ladakh tends to be poor, due to a combination of diet (too many sweet things) and lack of dental hygiene. We are paying a lot of attention to preventive care in order to protect the students’ permanent teeth. Dentist Michel Guinet and his partner Corinne Barbier from Tahiti visited the school in April (their third visit) to offer fissure sealant treatment to the children. They treated around 140 permanent teeth on this occasion. They were joined this time by Jean-Philippe Bréard, a dentist from Grenoble, France.

Through the generosity of donors in France, Tahiti and UK, we were able to purchase a portable dental unit and related equipment, which they were able to use. You can see from the photos that we are still saving up to buy a dental chair! Michel, Corinne and JP demonstrated that toothbrushing and nose blowing can be fun! In addition, dentists from the dzi Foundation, USA, returned to Leh and kindly treated some of the children who they had checked last year.


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Growing our own food


We built our first greenhouse in 2009 and students from BaSiC Initiative worked with local staff to prepare the ground, import top-soil and start composting.  In 2010, we aim to start growing some of our own food for students and staff.

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Environment & Leadership Camp

The second ever camp officially ended on August 20th. The 12 days of fun, challenge and excitement left many of the 6th and 7th graders in anticipation of the next round. You can read all about it and see more images on facebook. We hope to start a true foundation for this outdoor leadership experience.

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Climbing ever higher

Students from Perse School, Cambridge (UK), interacted with the Design Team to design a tower for a new adventure playground. The students travelled from Cambridge to Shey in summer 2009 and built the tower themselves, much to the delight of Druk Padma Karpo students.

The Perse students then went off to explore the big montains - and here is their story.