Tuesday, 19 April 2011 11:12

Winter Holiday


Account by Stanzin Thinles of class S-9.

On 15th December. one and a half months after the start of our new school year, our school was closed for a long winter break like other schools of Ladakh. But for us, the students of S-9, school arranged a tuition class for 5 days. My classmates were very happy not only for the long winter break but also about the tuition classes because we got a chance to spend more time with our friends. After that I spent my holidays with lots of enjoyment and studies also. During the vacation I also went for a tuition class at Leh and each day spent by me at Leh was wonderful. I also did my winter vacation homework.

There were two major local festivals during the vacation, DOSMOCHAY and SPITUK GUSTOR. We went to the festivals with our friends and enjoyed them a lot, and we also visited the gompa and stupas.

On the last three days we again came to school for Hindi extra class when Sir Sudershan Kumar taught us.

On 4th of March school was reopened after the vacation and I met all my friends again. From the very first day we started preparing for our 1st unit tests which started on 7th of March.

These are some of my memories of winter my holiday which I enjoyed and also studied a lot. I hope next holiday will also happen like this.

Monday, 04 April 2011 12:34

New school term

At the beginning of March 2011, the school resumed after the two and a half month winter break.

Thankfully the wooden floors have survived and have recently been sanded and re-varnished.

Picture7   Picture8

In the aftermath of the mudslide disaster, 78 displaced children who had lost their homes or a parent, were taken in by the school as residential pupils. This has left the school with the need for additional classroom and residential accommodation in addition to the planned expansion of the school.

Of paramount importance is to build a defensive structure to protect the school from future similar mud or rock slide events. A structural engineer from Arup, the architects and engineers of the school, is spending four months at the school working with the construction manager during the summer construction programme.

The landscape of the whole school site needs a lot of work because the resulting ground level is 1-1.5m higher than it used to be in many places.

Thursday, 10 March 2011 11:34

King of Ladakh

The king of Ladakh, Raja Thinles Namgyal, recently passed away.

The Druk Padma Karpo School wishes to express gratitude for his patronage and his active involvement and to offer condolences to his family.

Monday, 20 December 2010 12:16

Interested in joining our team?


If you are a qualified and experienced teacher with an intimate knowledge of the Indian education system, and are interested in applying your skills in Ladakh, please take a look at the job descriptions in the Help/Job Opportunities section of this website. 

Druk Padma Karpo School is seeking the following professional staff:

Leadership Team

  • Academic Coordinator

Senior Teachers

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science


  • Art
  • Montessori

Student Welfare

  • Pastoral Care

Please go to HELP/Job Opportunities for detailed Job Descriptions and additional information on how to apply.

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Losar - Ladakhi New Year


Dawa Dolma, a student of M-8, describes Losar which was celebrated in December.

"Losar is the one of the important festival of Ladakh. It is a New Year eve for us. On Losar we forget about the past and look forward for a bright and prosperous new year.  Day before the Losar we remember our close ones who passed away. We go to cremation ground with a monk and do a prayer there.

On the day of Losar we visit our relatives and friends and they serve food, sweets and CHANG (local beer) to the guests. On Losar we all wear new clothes and wish each other. These days, affluent families distribute gifts to poor and needy. Children always look forward for Losar because it is a day of festival, feast, gifts as well as lots of fun and playing.


Monday, 15 November 2010 12:32

Repair and resources

The Construction Manager, Angdus, and his teams spent the months before the harsh winter set-in repairing and replacing the broken doors and windows that the mud and rocks had crashed into. Where the mud had been deposited, up to 1-1.5 m deep inside rooms, the lower sections of interior walls, made of mudbricks, had to be removed as the moisture from the mud caused them to deteriorate.


While classrooms were unusable, some lessons were held in tents. Gradually the classrooms were ready for temporary use without furniture.

Apart from the two science laboratories, classrooms and offices have wooden floors and there was concern that the floors might be ruined and need replacing - timber costs are high. Once the mud had been dug out, the floors were cleaned and left to thoroughly dry over the winter for review in the spring.

Before the school closed for the long winter break, lost equipment, resources and some furniture was replaced and the residential dormitories re-equipped using donated funds.

Picture5   Picture6


P1000785 224

Books, books and more books

Most of the books on the campus were destroyed in the August mudslide.  Members of the Arup Design Team visited Shey in September 2010 and brought 80kg of reading books collected by Darrick Wood School, London, and Pilgrim School in Bedfordshire, UK.  The Druk Padma Karpo children were very excited to see so many books and were soon engrossed.

Sunday, 26 September 2010 00:00

School's founder honoured by United Nations


School's founder honoured by the United Nations in New York

On 19th September 2010, His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa, founder of Druk White Lotus School, received the United Nations' Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Award in recognition of His humanitarian activities.


Monday, 16 August 2010 11:10

Devastating Mudslide 5/6 August 2010

During the night of 5/6th August 2010 devastating mudslides hit the Leh and Shey areas of The Indus valley. One of these mudslides swept through the school depositing up to 1.5m of mud, boulders and debris across a large part of the campus. All the residential students and staff escaped across a raging torrent of mud in the pitch dark of the night.

In the following days the devastation was recorded in these photographs.

Picture1   Mud 1 edit  Mud 5 edit 

Mud 6 edit     Mud 7 edit      Mud 3 edit


During the first few weeks following the mud and rock slide, the school received immediate help from many volunteers. The Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) sent a team of around 50 workers for three weeks to dig mud out of the buildings which was a tremendous help.

Picture2 edit

During this time the school received a visit from the Bollywood star Mr Aamir Khan, who filmed part of the hit film ”3 Idiots” at the school two years previously. Mr Khan was the guest of His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa, the school's founder. This visit helped to cheer spirits amongst the devastation.


Oxfam kindly provided emergency latrines. Médecins Sans Frontières offered counselling to the staff and pupils.

Sir Anthony Bamford of JCB Excavators kindly donated a JCB to the school in Septemebr 2010 at the request of Drukpa Trust in the UK. The JCB has already been extremely useful in clearing rocks and debris from the school campus and is now being used to create a ditch, wall and earth mound protection.


Thursday, 27 May 2010 07:57

New branch school in Khachey


Druk White Lotus School, Khachey, opened its doors on 10th April 2010 with Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten classes.  The school is located in the Kargil District of Ladakh, about 7 hours' drive from the mother school in Shey.

The school has around twenty students, two teachers (Ms Tsewang Dolkar and Ms Tsering Chozom) and a support staff member. One teacher is a graduate with a strong background in English language and sports, and the other is an undergraduate with a strong Bothi language background.  One reason for starting the Khachey School was to provide education in English and Bothi languages in an area that predominately focuses on Urdu.  Staff underwent training at the mother school in Shey before the school opening.  The school was initiated by and is owned by the local community. 

The inauguration ceremony was well attended by villagers and the school has their wholehearted support.  They are paying for one teacher and need your support to pay for the other @ Rs12,000 / US$260 / €215 / £180 per month. Villagers are paying half the cost of the Montessori equipment and need your help to pay the other half: Rs42,225 / US$900 / €750 / £620.

Thank you for joining our community.

Sunday, 10 January 2010 17:29

Rancho's School


'The Three Idiots' movie has become Bollywood's biggest box-office success ever, in India and globally. 

The hero, Rancho, disappears to Ladakh, dreams up inventions and creates a 'special school' - you see it towards the end of the movie.  Guess where those scenes were shot: at Druk Padma Karpo School of course.

During the film crew's visit, Aamir Khan wrote in the School Visitor Book:  "What a wonderful school. The kids seem very happy, and such a great location. Keep up the good work."  Regards, Aamir 15/09/08

A film crew of about 130 people descended on the school in September 2008 for a 3-day shoot. They auditioned our students, selected a couple of boys for small parts and a large group to take part in the movie crowd scene when the stars arrive at the school in their red Volvo. Observing the hard work and professionalism of the stars and crew was an education for the school staff and students alike.

The crew then departed for Pangong Lake with a few of the students to shoot the final scenes. You can peek behind the camera in this video clip to see what it was like to shoot a movie in Ladakh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLfR_RywvHI (watch out for our kids in the opening sequences).

If you haven't seen the movie yet - go see it.  ENJOY.  You might like to take a look at the movie's website (click thumbnail image to visit the site):



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November, 2009

New Faces in the DPKS Family

Several new staff members joined the team at the beginning of November 2009:

 CIMG3397 x224CIMG3393 x224









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