Lakshmi would like to share some very nice winter stories, written by Druk Padma Karpo children. Here she explains how this came about:

“During my time at The Druk Padma Karpo School I taught Computer Science to students from Junior 1-Middle 6. After school, while waiting for the bus, I would talk to students about school, home, sports and whatever else came to mind. Occasionally I would ask them about their homework and what they were learning in various classes.

One day, a few students in the Middle 6 class didn’t have any English homework, so I asked “would you like some homework?” Though not all students were enthusiastic about the idea of having extra homework, some agreed.

My first assignment was partially to satisfy my own curiosity. I asked “What did you do on your Winter Holiday?” After they turned in the first draft I edited their work for grammar and spelling and returned it to them. They then wrote a second draft. Though I wanted them to type their work, I had to go back to the U.S. so I took their work with me and typed it up. After reading the students reflections to my mother, I thought there was a need for a wider audience”.


Tsering Dolma, Class 4A

About Winter Holiday

During winter holiday we celebrated new year and many more things. We also went to the monastery. During the holiday I played many games with my friends. I also helped my grandparents and friends. We call 1st of December the first day of the new year. In holiday I did my homework and studied hard. I woke up at 7:30 and washed my face and hands then ate my breakfast and I went to bring water. Then I studied more. In winter the weather was very cold. There was so much snow that we could not do any more work. I went to tuition to read some difficult subjects like Hindi, Bodhi and I went to tuition from 9:30-3:00 and then I did revision on my difficult subjects, on what they taught me. From 3:30-4:30 I played with my friend. After, I went home and washed my hands and drank some tea. 6-7 I watched TV and my sister made dinner for us. Then we ate dinner. We went to bed at 9 o'clock.

Tashi Lamo, Class M6

Winter Holiday

Our winter holiday started from 8 December to 3 March. We all enjoyed our winter holiday. Firstly, we celebrated our Losar. Losar is a festival that all Buddhists celebrate. We celebrated our Losar from 10-17 December. We enjoyed it very much. We sang and danced with joy. We went to our friends’ and relatives’ houses to wish them a happy Losar. We wore new clothes on our Losar. Every home was decorated with beautiful flowers and dishes. We ate lost of different kinds of delicious foods during our Losar.

On 1st January we celebrated new year at my home. My friends and relatives came and we all enjoyed very much. We sang, danced and ate lots of things. We watched different movies. My mother cooked delicious food for dinner. After eating dinner we continued dancing. We danced up to 6am. After 6am we slept. In the morning I went for tuition. Then again I met my friends. On 3rd March we came to school again and met our teachers and other students. Now we are continuing our studies.

Chesmith Dolker, Class M6

Winter Vacation

Firstly, our winter vacation started from 8 December. On 9th and 10th we cleaned inside and outside of our house. On 10th of December at night we wore new clothes and new shoes. On 10th-14th we celebrated Losar. Our relatives and friends came to our house and prayed for a long life. They bought us biscuits and cake. They gave money for the children to buy sweets. From 20th of December I started going to tuition in Leh. After I came back from tuition I wrote my schoolwork. On 6th and 7th of January I went to Spituk Gustor at Spituk. I saw lots of monks wearing colourful masks. After that I continued to go to tuition. In winter we wore woolen clothes. It was so cold in winter, thats why. On 26th January it was Republic Day. India got democracy on this day. On this day we have a holiday for tuition. I went to see the Republic Day at the polo ground. During that time many school students participated in the celebration and many sing songs and do dances about our country. On 4th and 5th of February there was a festival at Leh Palace and we visited the palace and saw masks with colourful clothes. At that time the market was full of lotteries and I gave a lottery. I got a pen, finger ring, and earrings. After that I continuously went for tuition. 17th February was a happy day for me, it was my brother’s birthday. A gave him a gift, a toy car. Then he thanked me. Now he is eleven years old. For his birthday we danced the whole day, night and the party ended at 2am. Next morning we unwrapped all the gifts. There were lots of toys. During winter holiday sometimes I went to the monastery to pray. Our tuition ended 20th of February. After 20th I played with my younger brother the whole day. We played hide & seek. Sometimes I washed clothes and my uniform to prepare myself and be ready to come to school. THE END