Around 100 international volunteers contributed during 2009 on the Shey campus. Some helped inside the school with educational aspects, while others worked to develop a recently-launched ‘Living Traditions’ heritage project. International volunteers and Ladakhis benefit one another.

A group of students and staff from St Christopher School, Letchworth (UK) visited Shey in April - the third such visit from ‘St Chris’ under the leadership of Edwin Gruber. The group spent time at the school helping Ladakhi students with ‘learning through fun’ before heading off for a challenging trek very early in the season. Here you can view a movie made by the St Chris students.

Michelle Fan and Julayne Farmer from the USA are working on film & heritage aspects and a photo-literacy program respectively, while ‘gap year’ students Rocky Bamford and Josh Torrance from UK helped with English language skills. Read Julayne’s blog

Students from Alton College raised funds for Druk Padma Karpo School before their departure from UK. In mid-July they embarked upon a 4-week expedition to Ladakh, which included building an exercise trail on the school campus, followed by an arduous trek in the Markha Valley.

Nearly 30 architectural students from Portland State University, the University of Texas and elsewhere accompanied Professor Sergio Pelleroni on a month-long exploration of Ladakhi customs and culture, and architectural traditions and methods. They worked in four areas: (a) understanding nomad customs and erecting a rebo (traditional nomad tent dwelling), (b) developing innovative sun shading devices, (c) fitting out a large greenhouse where food can be grown (see image); and (d) helping with landscaping measures.

Read the Ladakh Summer 2009 Design/Build Studio blog here