The honourable United states Ambassador to India: Mr. Kenneth Ian Juster was given an arousing traditional welcome by the Principal staff and students of the school. Mr. Ambassador made brief visits to the sprawling campus after his hi- tea with the school Principal. The girl students held pride in showcasing their mighty KUNGFU skills to the honourable guest.
US ambassador

The DPKS school has already taken its “ EXTRA-mile” two years before, when the campus consciously decided to take the big leap of effortfully making the school a Plastic and JUNK free zone . Thus the Dragonites did their big share of contributing in the times which stares grim on our faces with the frantically and alarming accelerating Environmental degrading issues. The campus of 1000 people consciously and unanimously choose not to have Canteens on campus, encourage 100% the Tiffin culture and admonishes the cruel and insolent littering habits, thus at DPKS it has become a norm to be Eco lovers as wished and propagated by our founding father and supported by Construction Designer at , London, whose entire idea is an ECO friendly world model school. Since, 5th June calls as a global day to dedicate our selves to the cleaning day drive (though a single day will not reap results). The senior students of the school went out on a community cleaning drive into our Shey village and were not very happy to have come across such ALARMING heaps of garbage dumped by the people so CALLOUSLY everywhere! The water SOURCE too were not spared. This drive was in ALLIANCE with the WATERKEEPER project in the HIMALAYAS, which has now been structured into our school ALMANAC under the guidance of Ms. Deachen (the water keeper officer). Thus the crusade against the pollution of environment takes its right place in the regular academics.

 Cleaning Day2


As a part of the much needed integrated programme of disseminating LIFE SKILLS, CAREER COUNSELING and GUIDANCE DPKS swung into full action to organize the curated student friendly and inspiring programme by the name INSPIRE to ASPIRE turning on to its 4th chapter. The Middle and the Senior students were enthralled to have highly interactive and guided session with the young and dynamic Jigmat Angchuk trainer & Counselor @ Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development. It was indeed a day of much learning wrapped in fun.


The students of Std. 7th under the able guidance of Ma’am Jigmet Lamo took the morning presentation to a towering level with their audacious topic on awareness on Child Protection and safety, labelled “good touch! Bad touch!”. It was a pride filled moment for the faculty to see the level of confidence in the students to present such a sensitive topic with elaboration, ease and information. They left no layers unturned or folded to inform their school mates of the very much needed education on child Protection of all kinds (and they being vulnerable) be it school, family or public places. It was a 30 minutes’ presentation rolled into a variant form with enactments, information and debate. The prog concluded with the Principal reinforcing and throwing light on the same in the local context.




It was yet another ministerial visit at the DPKS sprawling campus. During his brief visit to the Leh city, the Education minister of our western province of Maharashtra, Sh. Vinod Tawde invested his day’s itinerary to pay a visit to learn the daily functions of our unique and creative school. He took all the quality time to visit several classes, interact with students and completed an entire campus visit accompanied by the school Principal, Coordinator and the student council. After an elaborate interaction with the school and its authorities, Sh.Twade expressed keenness to organise school exchange progs with his state and promised all possible arrangement for Professional Learning Trainings at his disposal for the DPKS faculty.


Ed Minuister2

The second team of teachers of Druk Padma Karpo during their Annual Training and Exposure tour to almost a sister school to DPKS as both share similar vision and values when it come to love for the Environment. Founded on the concrete ethos of experimental and engaging learning, the Nirmal Bharti stepped forward to facilitate the Training programme on account of the two school heads mutual visits to each other campuses to take back best practices . Our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Principal Charu…… and her fabulous team of teachers for rendering stepping stone to our teacher.


As Druk Padma Karpo School commences its new session after the long winter break of nearly two and a quarter months, it gears up for yet another engaging rigorous and a successful all rounder year ,the pillar strength and the ever progressive teachers of the school added yet another feather to their cap with their third consecutive year of Annual Training and Exposure tour to different provinces of the country. Three different teams of teachers were facilitated Training's Capsules and Exposure at two very esteemed institutions. The first team of teachers were very fortunate and privileged to have visited the famous Podar World School ,Sama Vadodara and having undergone different facet professional honing and empowering skills under the dynamic leadership of the highly credential holder and several times honoured Mrs. Rekha Shah. We are very grateful and indebted to Mrs. Shah and her ever supporting team of teachers for their efforts, kindness and support to our visiting faculty.

Many Congratulations ! to the 36 student's marching platoon lead in the command of Rigzen Angmo of Std 10th (Head Girl) for achieving the 1st position during the parade ceremony for the 69th Indian Republic Day celebrations! Further congratulations extended to our student's cultural troupe for their mesmerizing performances and bagging the 3rd prize. BRAVO !! A dual victory.

Saturday, 20 January 2018 12:35

Exam Results

The entire faculty and body of students headed by the Chairperson and the Principal of Druk Padma Karpo, School, wishes a heartiest Congratulations !! to all its Students of Std Xth for acquiring the stupendous 100% results in their Board Examinations , declared on the 18th, Jan. Applaud further extended to the 5 students for being holders of the Distinction Category! and 15 others for placing themselves in the 1st Division slot. We wish all our aspiring students the very best in their future and may you all continue to Strive Succeed & Serve !

The Academic session 2017'- came to an end amidst great enthusiasm and expectations! The students once again proved their mettle in the prime academics , other umpteen extra curricular activities and various other inter- house competitive categories.Apart from the academic excellence ,most progressive students of the years were appreciated and recognized and encouraged . The HARMONY house bagged the BEST HOUSE of the year, with blaring applauds!! Ms. lanzes of 4th, Std won herself a pair of Ice- skates for the Most Consistent English Speaker for the Junior section. The event saw its conclusion with the session's last Parent Teacher Meet, with the final address by the school's Deputy Chair and Principal. We thus welcome !yet another year of immense learning, teaching and progressing together with our beautiful students.

The Druk Padma Karpo school : extends heartiest Congratulations to Master Sonam Tsering of std 7th, hailing from Chumathang for receiving the prestigious award “ Rajya Puruskar”,highest state award for Scouts & Guides from His Excellency, Sh.N.N Vohra ,the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir at the Raj Bhavan,Srinagar.We are proud of you and may this be the inspiration point of your life! We thank the District Youth Service & Sport Dept for this platform.

The team and students of Druk Padma Karpo are thrilled and encouraged to be a part of the initiative supported by department of School Education & Literacy Ministry of Human Resource Development , Govt; of India, New Delhi ‘s propelled initiatives by the “MIND MINGLE” team .This programme at the national level facilitates and creates opportunities for school leaders across the country to learn the best practices from most creative & top schools in India and abroad through practical school visits and group discussions. The design of the programme is such that the leaders of the school interact with students and faculty, sessions with Founder/director of the schools to understand the best educational practices being followed there. A community of such 39 school leaders are now opportune to visit one such school in the Himalayan region” The Druk Padma Karpo School, Shey, Leh - Ladakh.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Each one…..This is a very strengthening block for our student’s & school’s futurology……Lets keep creating and committing ourselves to our students!