Tuesday, 11 February 2020 11:57

Republic Day 26 January 2020

It is a day to remember when India's constitution came into force on January 26, 1950, completing the country's transition toward becoming an independent republic.
Republic Day represents the true spirit of the independent India. Military parades, displays of military equipment and the national flag are important symbols on this date. India's national flag is a horizontal tricolor of deep saffron (kesaria) at the top, white in the middle and dark green at the bottom in equal proportion.
Thanks to the teachers and students for believing in yourself and giving their 100%. You all deserve it! I congratulate you all on behalf of our DPKS Family. Bravo and you guys nailed it. 1st position in march-past (parade) and 3rd position in cultural perfomance. Here is a glimpse of this very special day.

Reb day award   Reb day group

Monday, 25 November 2019 11:35

Note from The Principal's Desk

The school bid farewell to Principal Stanzin Kunzang, with gifts and speeches after her five-year tenure at DPKS.

Stanzin3   Stanzin4

Stanzin   Stanzin6

Note of gratitude and adieu from The Principal's Desk:

These 5 years and 4 months of my association with DPKS have been the most fascinating period of my life time so far, I am overwhelmed and intensively emotive in my blood and veins. It has truly been days and years of Superlative team work and Inspiration. I could not have been luckier to have been loved and accepted as a young Principal {Five years back} just as a raw novice. Things at DPKS were extra ordinarily remarkable rewarding and hugely challenging at the same time, but the brightness in the eyes and the warmth in the voices of my loving students kept me going undeterred at all times. I am completely convinced as to why teachers are held at high pedestal of respect and love as timelessly ” Guru” " Teacher “ " the transformer" " the molder" " the shaper" and to larger extent producer of human of fine kinds. We the teachers are offered supreme Salutations and reverence….. it is but obvious because from times continued we have been considered the light which guides and brightens the life of our pupils. I have to state that my story of learning, unlearning and teaching will be a moment in time that I will shelf in the core of my heart and cherish it life time .Nothing so far has equaled the excitement, reward and exhilaration as at DPKS. Today I take this final opportunity to thank endless number of people for your love, support and unwavering faith in me. Each one in my story at DPKS has inspired my team and me to courageously and confidently set milestones and bench mark in the field of teaching and learning and with a clear vision in our eyes, equaling the passion in our hearts pushed beyond limits to better education in all possible realms. I am supremely thankful to all the Sponsors in individual and Collaborative capacity. Thank you all for your pure “unconditional” love and support in shaping and nurturing a precious human life through education. Thank you each who have been minor or majorly associated with Druk Padma and have rendered kind words or hand. Thank you dear parents of my students for your pillar support and belief in me and for going that extra mile……I am supremely humbled and intensely encouraged till eternity. An enormous Thank you to H. Holiness , Gyalwang Drukpa for envisaging this Gem in the desert called “Padma Karpo”. I have been exclusively fortunate to have had his support, blessings and love. Finally Thank you all my wonderful students, you keep the fire on in me !!! Whatever little I am today is entirely because of you all. To all my wonderful students in every corner….within or out of DPKS……I love you all and wish the best for each one of you. I am honored to have many of you visit me and encouraged my little work for life time. Remember, never stop learning as learning never stops.
A warm Julley !


Wednesday, 13 November 2019 11:13

Final Proclamation 2019

The month of NOV is conclusive for the year long academic session and brings the most awaited Final Proclamation of the results, harbinging excitable new classes, teachers, books and everything in the school to bring life at strength twice as usual. This year too students overall splendiferous performance academically swelled the hearts of teachers and parents with joy and pride. The students were certified for their conspicuous virtues followed by distinction of the most progressive students of each class and of course the WISDOM house swept the Running Trophy and 10000/rs cash prize for the” Best House of the year” leaving all yearning for the next one in the advancing year. This red lettered day of DPKS was attended by the Deputy Chairman accompanied by the new members SMC and throng of parents.

Proc   Proc 1   Proc 3

Thursday, 24 October 2019 10:53

Morning Presentation

Life changing Mantra! BUY the rumours SELL that facts!!

 Rumours 1

It’s a massive happiness to witness the young students of 4th B pick up such time needed, valuable Universal message and gospel to really and truly BUY the rumours and SELL the facts! The students consciously understanding this responsibility and the essence of their finely chosen topic expressed their fear and concern about how casual gossip mongering can be poisonous and obnoxious in every sphere of human existence. The students with the complete guidance of their class teacher most skillfully and appealingly transmitted their message of the brutality of rumours and how it is most apt and virtuous to not just abstain from rumours but from the sources of rumour mongering. They intensely propagated positive thought and positive speech….resulting in positive action!! Well done and cheers to the teachers and students of std 4th B ….. You were inspirational!

Rumours 2


Saturday, 05 October 2019 17:02

Football Tournament

It was a sheer high spirited “spectacle” to witness the football team of DPKS lift and bag all four categories of the week long inter-school tournament boys & girls under/ 13 and under 16 segments sponsored and organized by SUNFEAST ,India and supported by District Youth Service and Sports Dept. The players displayed unimaginable feat of sportsmanship and swept the audiences off their feet and also nearly all the medallions, trophies and cheque prizes for the categories below;
1. Under / 13 Boys ,Winner
2. Under/ 16 girls, Winner
3. Best Goalkeeper- Stanzin Namdol
4. Top Scorer –Dorjey Tsering
5. Best Goal keeper, girls - Thinlay Angmo
6. Best Goal keeper, under/ 16- Stanzin Sonam
The school offers heartiest congratulations ! to each player of the teams and wishes them constant success in this field. Well done & Bravo !!

Football 2   Football 3

  Football 4   Football 5


Thursday, 03 October 2019 16:53

Nature conservation camp

In the Lap of mother Nature “ NCF Camp “- 2019’

As an ANNUAL event , NCF ( Nature Conservation Foundation ) is one of the most awaited outdoor learning experiences on the school calendar. The two days into the nature prog is a compact experiential learning for the young students and helps them to learn and know more closely of the unique native flora and fauna of Ladakh. This year around 49 students and two Subject teachers attended this prog in the Hamlet called Khatpu, Rong and the students were overwhelmed with this enriching experience.
We thank and applaud NCF and their team members for outsourcing this very beneficial and much wanted prog to all the schools. Kudos !! to the NCF team.

Camp 3  Camp 2


Wednesday, 04 September 2019 16:37

White Lotus Expo 2019

The White Lotus Expo brought in showers of fun, frolic, colour, laughter and ultimate festivity. Delightful were the different eateries, games station, haunted places , ice cream counters, snack stop and so of course not to forget our most popular "GALA SHOW". This year our trailblazer stall was the new entry called "CHANSA" meaning Ladakhi Kitchen. The day and the event lived up to its motto and essence truly as huge swarm of people came to be a part of WHITE LOTUS EXPO: "Connecting School to the community". It was an enamouring and captivating day!


Expo 4   Expo 6   Expo 5

Expo 3   Expo 2

Wednesday, 03 July 2019 16:27

School exchange programme

DPKS - Played HOST to the visiting 25 students and teachers headed by the Deputy Education Director NDMC school, New Delhi under a school exchange Prog. This is a break through Exchange Prog for the students and teachers of this Institution of the capital powered by the Prime Minister's "Ek Bharat : Shraysth Bharat" initiative . The prog of three hours was highly substantial and ultra interactive for the host students as well as the guest students. The Dragonites proudly and gracefully presented the Ladakhi culture and forwarded the school in the most presentable manner !


Exchange 2


Wednesday, 26 June 2019 16:18

Here comes...the blooming day

The preparation for the blooming day commences a month prior! So much to look after and take care of….why of course! Because it is the most special day for our school’s INFANT SECTION i.e from Nursery toddlers to the students of std 1st . The coordinators and teachers of this section have to churn their blood and sweat the entire one month to make this prog a success and joyous ONE. The USP of this prog is that it has been formulated exclusively to provide an early age opportunity and helps student feel absolute EASE while on a social platform. The teachers of the section break through all the unexpected challenges as they bring about 100% participation for 290 students during this prog. The day brings immeasurable happiness to the parents and unhindered pride to the teachers….. as they watch the TINY TOTS project enthusiasm and confidence at their tender age. Following the past practice .this year too the kids enjoyed performing on a specific theme “ SEASONS” of the year . The school PECKER BAND and the hula-hoop troupe mesmerized the guests and parent on the special occasion!
Blooming Day4   Blooming Day
Blooming Day3   Blooming Day2
There is no greater joy and elation than to see the YOUNG LEARNERS taking cognizance of the present issues and concerns regarding them, their peer circle and wider into the society. The grade teachers of 6-A and 7-B, Sir Nasser and Mam Kesang, collaborated their morning presentation theme and bifurcated under the banner "Cyber- Addiction and its hazards". The presentations were meticulously studied, surveyed and laid out very brilliantly and elaborately for the young masses of the school. The students of these two classes showcased short plays, skits, role plays, message RAP Songs and even went up to build about exquisite traditional toys, used back then when man followed the practice of "Necessity is the mother of invention" and finding strong ground for brain and skill. They FEARLESSLY talked about the possible addiction and fatal results of Cyber games like TIC TOK & PUB-G, which are taking a worrisome toll on our young adolescents and how it is becoming a social menace !!
Wednesday, 05 June 2019 16:22

THE crusade is…. ON !! Tobacco free World

The District Health Department on account of the world Anti -Tobacco day celebration: promoting awareness and eradication campaigns invited an inter school Painting competition in Leh. It proved yet another forum for our student, master Jigmet Norboo ,Std 9th to bring home the 1ST PRIZE winner award. His ART form did not just depict visual elegance but the message from his art was notable, appreciable and impactful! Congratulations! Jigmet Norboo ….keep conditioning and chiseling your powerful skill.
Saturday, 11 August 2018 14:59

DPKS at the IIMUN:

Indian model of United nations is a paramount catch word with the student's community across the country and needs no introduction as such.The role of this world class organisation is to simulate the participation of young Indians which is the students , to play active role in bringing about analytical debates, discussions and table solutions for all critical global disputes, whether peace keeping,disarmament or resolving any international issues faced by countries of the world . This is the biggest student leadership organisation of the world that takes confidence and participation to another level on global discussions.The 3rd batch of 13 delegates led by the principal of DPKS flew down to the coastal Mumbai city to be the members of different committees assigned for the Model untited nation's championship conference .This August event was declared open by non other than the Chief guest of the conference, the former Prez of the country his excellency Shri Pranab Mukherjee. DPKS felt proud to be invited to present a beguiling and captivating cultural performance....all the way up from the Pristine Himalayan kingdom 'Ladakh ' as a part of its illustrious opening ceremony. It was a star lit evening with luminaries and dignitaries addressing more than 2000 aspiring students of our the country and international. The apologue of the 1st day : "Huge' much ' is imbibed and ensued....Outside the walls of classrooms and Schools " !